Saturday, 28 April 2012

barn owls and birthdays...

We had a fab owl party today at The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester for my son's sixth birthday, all the children got to fly an owl! We'd made some mini owl pellet dissection kits to go in the party bags earlier this month and my wonderful friend Jenny made the most AMAZING barn owl cake, pictured above.

The baby arrived so late, he ended up being born just one day before his brothers birthday this week! Which meant celebrating his actual birthday in hospital which I was quite sad about, I had taken a few animals in with me after seeing this picture as my worst fear was that we wouldn't be at home, so instead we scoffed chocolate hidden behind the bedside curtains!

But now I am pooped after our first family outing and such a busy week!


  1. That's a brilliant cake. It's funny but I found the biggest difference and hardest to do was from one to two children, by three and four I just somehow fitted it in and they came along for the ride.

  2. What a lovely cake and fabulous birthday - i am sure that it more than made up for his brothers untimely arrival!

  3. Amazing cake, and what a brilliant sounding party. Good grief, childbirth and a child's birthday party, two of the most challenging activities ever, all in one week! x


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