Friday, 6 April 2012

all change...

how much can you prepare a child for the birth of a sibling? I never quite know how much/little to tell them. They haven't asked me much at all, not even "where is it coming out of?" or "how did in get in there?" questions! I do however make sure I answer all of their questions and ensure they know exactly what is going to happen, that babies do cry and mummy will be tired!

Their behaviour however gives the game away, in terms of the impact of impending change upon them, the oldest especially. Creeping into our bed at night, demanding more security from us in the form of attention and cuddles, and constant bickering between them, which is testing my patience to its limits. However I am trying to be gentle, guilty that the desire for a big family is causing so much change and upheaval to the balance of their little lives. 

The worst thing for them at the moment is me not being able to be very active, I'm only days away from birth and I am really tired and teary. At the park yesterday all they wanted was for me to 'watch, push, run, catch' all I wanted to do was sit! I have a reprieve, at least daddy is home this weekend to entertain them and I get to sit, sleep, hoover, clean, dust, polish, cook, shop!* 

*I'm exaggerating of course and have had a massive lie in already this morning! 

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  1. I suspect your boys will be absolutely fine once the baby comes. Sometimes the waiting is the worst bit - they know their little world is going to change but can't imagine how. But very hard to be the energetic playground mother when you are about to pop! I hope you get some rest (and so some nesting!) over the weekend. Happy Easter! xx


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