Wednesday, 21 March 2012

what to pack in the hospital bag...

bundles of baby clothes kindly gifted by the very lovely Kat of housewife confidential

I overpacked massively for my first two labours, taking all kinds of stuff I neither wanted or needed in labour! This time I am determined not to do the same and pack a little lighter! I have narrowed it down to this list so far - have I missed anything out?

for labour & birth...
maternity notes
dressing gown
slippers & socks
vest & loose jersey bottoms for labour
lip balm
snacks & drinks (more for the husband in case it's a long labour!)
mobile phone & charger
TENS machine
camera (note to self buy new memory card!)

for hospital ward...
loose clothes/t-shirts
favourite cardi
nursing bras
disposable/old knickers
maternity/breast pads
going home outfit
arnica tablets

for the baby...
three sleepsuits & vests
knitted baby cardi
baby blanket
nappies & cotton wool balls
baby socks & hat


  1. music?
    Otherwise I think you have everything... I might just copy this list too :)

  2. a flannel! I forgot to pack one and they ended up cleaning me (down there) with a new jay cloth! YUK! Sorry if this is too much info to those out there who haven't experienced the indignity and awesomeness of giving birth! Good luck hun! x

  3. I took a photograph of my eldest two in a frame for my bedside. When Z and E came to meet their sister for the 1st time they knew I'd been thinking of them too. a\

  4. Lansinoh or something similar - also doubles up as great lip balm!

    This will sound weird but best bit of advice i had was to take a small plastic pot for water to use when cleaning a small bottom. It can sometimes be difficult to track one down at exactly the right mec covered moment!

    Extra pillow if you like to get comfy for breastfeeding or leaning on during birth as trying to get more than one wafer thin one in hospital is almost a bigger challange than birth!

    This may be a bit far but disinfectant wipes as sometimes the bathrooms need a spot of help before use!!

  5. This is v useful to read, thank you! I've still got a few weeks before I need to pack my labour bag but it's good to get thinking! I did read that flip flops are good for when you use the showers (if they're a bit manky) but being a first timer I don't know if that's just over packing! Will definitely heed the flannel advice too!x

  6. I think you've got it all covered. Oh, a towel! (an old/dark coloured one ideally...gross). Fingers crossed for a smooth and straightforward birth! xx

  7. Paracetamol for pain relief ;o) and I'd recommend lucozade energy sweets for when you don't really fancy anything to eat but want some energy.

    I wish I'd have disinfectant wipes!!

    Exciting!!! xx

  8. Be sure to check that you have new batteries for the TENS ... I didn't!
    And don't forget the carseat. :)

  9. I second the disinfectant wipes and pillow! And add old knickers...not disposable ones...'orrible 'orrible. Slab of chocolate reward. Gifts for boys from baby...not that they aren't going to love baby enough'll be fighting over cuddles : )

  10. Camera!!!! and some lansinoh!


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