Sunday, 4 March 2012

technical problems - I have lost a whole load of blog posts random ones going back years - is anyone else experiencing this? Where do they go?

I've never backed up my blog - does anyone else do this????


  1. Do you back up your blog? I have started doing this since I changed blog provider and wanted to back up my old blog, I use HTTTrack, but it is all in French, so there is bound to be one there in English too. You have spent all these hours creating the blog, writing, photographing and then some disappears – very unnerving I would imagine. I have also found that if I have uploaded any pictures onto google web folders (to share with people), used them in my blog and then try and delete them from google web folder, they also get take out of the blog too. One of the many frustrations with modern technology - hope you locate them.

  2. Emma, I hope you find them again/they turn up! My husband does back up my blog for me every few months, he simply copy/pastes it into a word document.

  3. No, I don't back up but your post has scared me! I'd hate for something to happen and for my blog to get wiped off. I'll look into backing it up and see what I find.


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