Monday, 12 March 2012

the lido...

Last week my friend and I managed to sneak away for a short spa day at The Lido, in Bristol. Tucked away on an 'up and coming' side street, near fashionable Clifton, this open air pool has been transformed into an enchanting and quirky spa with bar and restaurant too.

We treated ourselves to massages, and boy did I need it. After weeks of broken sleep, following the massage, it was all I could do to stay awake and that night, slept peacefully through the whole night. The treatments aren't cheap on their own, but there are plenty of different packages and promotions to choose from, which include the use of all the spa facilities. 

The open air pool, which doesn't use much chlorine, is the main feature with charming changing rooms and showers and alongside is the glass fronted bar and restaurant. Being quite a prude, I was a little self conscious of showing off an eight month baby bump, in a much too tight swim suit, in front of people eating their lunch! But no one seemed to notice - even as I squealed with cold, it certainly didn't feel like the 24 degrees it was meant to be. 

For lunch we ordered off the tapas menu, which speedily arrived and delicious with great hulks of fresh bread. The cakes looked amazing too, although we were feeling too virtuous to sample those. I wasn't sure about the whole 'wearing a robe into the restaurant' thing like some of others did. The spa with only a few treatment rooms, isn't big enough to have that many gowned people, and with quite a top notch menu, it was an eclectic mix of women in blue robes and flip flops, next to business men having lunch. I think this added to the charm and quirkiness of the place, but at the risk of sounding like my mother 'I would still dress for dinner!' 

The whole place has been so cleverly converted, it really is squeezed into a tiny place and over-looked by terraced houses and an office block. But the relaxed vibe, friendliness and charm - I loved the 'boudoir' equipped with straighteners and hairdryers - and the little details such as the swimming caps with funny messages written on them, will definitely see me return as much as my pennies will allow! 


  1. Awww, this is one of my very favourite places in Bristol. So glad you paid it a visit and had a lovely time. When we were students my friends lived in one of the houses overlooking the (then derelict) pool and even then it had something magical about it. It is lovely to see it so beautifully restored. Call me next time you're here - I live around the corner!

  2. Yet another reason I would love to move to Bristol! Glad you had such a relaxing time.


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