Friday, 16 March 2012

afternoon tea...

I tried out a new recipe today, the spinach English muffin recipe from The Fabulous Baker Brothers book. They recommend serving with hollandaise sauce and ham, for more of a morning breakfast take on Eggs Benedict, but I quite fancied them as a teatime snack today. The recipe (also available online) was quick and easy to follow, with rather pleasing results - muffins which break open to reveal a gorgeous green inside!

The book accompanies the recent Channel 4 TV series of the same name, featuring brothers Tom & Henry Herbert from local Hobbs House Bakery and Butchers and is packed with over 100 recipes. I am going to try the Beef Wellington next and may try the lardy cake recipe as I love the Hobbs House lardy cakes, they're HUGE and regularly buy them from their stall at Stroud Farmers Market for a Saturday morning treat! 

I am always so rubbish at baking bread that I rarely give it a go, but there are a whole range of recipes in this book to try to break my bread baking taboo. I also like the look of the pulled pork and lamb pittas recipes that would make great, easy meals to serve when you have a house full of hungry mouths! 

The nice thing about the book is that it reflects the 'Herbert' family values, whether you dine in the bistro, read Tom's wife Anna's blog (she hasn't shopped in a supermarket for over a year!) or shop in the butchers or bakers, they are strong advocates of shopping locally and seasonally, eating good food, using less fashionable cuts of meat and good old fashioned family values. It's lovely to see them doing so well, as they all work so hard and thoroughly deserve their success, long may it continue and inspire more of us to shop and eat better than we do! 


  1. Those muffins look delicious. I think i may have to buy that book. Incidentally, your post a few weeks ago about lardy cake started a lardy-mission for me to find a good recipe and bake some - I made my first lardy cake today! It's lush. I will post next week. Gillian x

    1. Hi Gillian,
      I look forward to reading that post - were they easy to make? Not sure I will ever be up to the 'Hobbs' standard but thought they might be fun to make with the boys!
      Emma ;0)


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