Tuesday, 28 February 2012

vintage loveliness...

Had a lovely day on Saturday discovering the charm of Chipping Sodbury, which I have always thought sounds like a name straight out of a Enid Blyton children's book! We were too late for the amazing Hobbs House lardy cakes, who were already sold out! So instead went to the vintage textile and fashion fair, which was very busy, but serving lovely tea in china cups with huge slabs of homemade cake. 

I spent too many pennies on lovely scraps of fabric, with the aim to make a patchwork quilt for the moses basket and maybe a baby changing mat too, I know I have no time and little skill to do this, but I have been lent a sewing machine for the task ~ thank you Alice! 


  1. Enjoy the sewing Emma! And don't worry about wonky seams - the fact is will be handmade with love is all that counts. I look forward to seeing your handiwork - you have great style.

  2. What a lovely day. And LARDY CAKE!!! I didn't think you could buy this any more. We used to eat it often when I was a child (especially when we went sailing for some odd reason!) I haven't seen it for sale anywhere in years - maybe i'll find a recipe and have a go at making some myself. Good luck with your sewing projects! x

  3. Gillian, there is a fab recipe for lardy cakes in the Fabulous baker brothers book here http://astore.amazon.co.uk/emmabrad-21/detail/0755363655

  4. Good luck with all the sewing. There really is nothing more likely to shift a babe than the fact you want to get something done before they arrive ;)


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