Saturday, 4 February 2012

snow & spiced parsnip soup...

As reward for chopping lots of wood today in preparation for the snow and big freeze (it's snowing beautifully here *as forecast* at the moment), I made some spiced parsnip soup for the man, as he went about his chores! 

I didn't follow a recipe for the soup, just chopped up one large onion and a clove of garlic, sautéing in olive oil until soft in a large saucepan. Then added some grated fresh ginger, six peeled and chopped parsnips, one can of coconut milk and about one litre of vegetable stock. I seasoned then simmered for about half an hour until ready and then blended with a hand blender before serving topped with some parsnip crisps, delicious and warming! 

Here's hoping that it keeps snowing and we can go sledging tomorrow! 


  1. delicious. GOod work too, chopping wood in this weather. have you solved the coat dilemma? Lou x

  2. Sounds scrummy and and definitely taking the recipe down!
    I am also hoping the snow leads to sledging, my daughter is finally old enough to enjoy it.

  3. Hi Emma
    The soup sounds delicious!
    I hear from C over at Bristol Parenting Cafe that your both plotting a "National Den Day". Such a great idea!
    Our two children love to make dens (their latest is on my blog) and so I'll keep a look out for the announcement of N.D.D. !!
    Have a lovely weekend :-)
    Josie x

  4. That soup sounds lush. Parsnip and ginger is good too, very warming. Love that enamel mug.

  5. Soup sounds delicious! Great shot of it, with chicken just loitering in the background as well... Think we may be emerging from the cold - finally! - but a bit of a shame as I want to give the soup a go!


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