Thursday, 9 February 2012

den building week...


Den Building Week 
11th - 19th February 2012

No rules, just lots of half term indoor fun. Use sheets, blankets, cardboard and cushions to create magical hideaways! To take part, post a picture of your den on your blog, linking back to this post and don't forget to leave a link back to your blog in the comments below, so we can see your amazing creations! Feel free to use Catherine's gorgeous picture above as a blog button to encourage others to take part.  

We have also created a Den Building Flickr Group, please post your pictures there too and we can link to them all at the end of the week! 

A blog collaboration between the Bradshaw's and Catherine of Bristol Parenting Cafe


  1. We are definitely in, although I have no talent for den building and no apptitude for photography so I cannot promise the results will be worth looking at!

    Den building accomplished! Much fun was had. Thanks for opening up a great idea to everyone. Gillian x

  3. I love your den Gillian thank you so much for joining in with the fun. Emma x

  4. We built! Think I may have to live with the den full time...

  5. Karen - I am impressed, dens with fairy lights! my boys haven't made theirs yet! I don't know ;0) Emma

  6. Oh this is great - a nearly daily occurrence at our home.

  7. wow, talk about a beautiful crocheted den! I used to build forts with all the cushions I could find in the house. :)


    We had lots of fun making a snug den after our chilly snowdrop walk. A lovely idea fir half term, thank you.

    Laura x


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