Sunday, 5 February 2012

den building day...

I read Catherine's blog post over on Bristol Parenting Cafe this week about making dens, and it reminded of this post I blogged this time last year about having an actual indoor den building day - do you remember? 

Anyway, Catherine and I have put our heads together and are planning some half term indoor den building fun, are you up for joining in? We love making dens in our house, it's free and they can be as simple as throwing a blanket over a table (like my boys often do above.)

Coming up this week, we will post more details about taking part and invite you to post pictures of your creations in a flickr group. So are you up for the challenge?*

*you don't need children to take part!


  1. Finn and a friend built a den yesterday but I wasn't allowed to take a photo because it was a secret den! Will hopefully be allowed to photograph one at half term...

  2. We'll be on holiday in Dorset next week but we'll try and join in! We build a lot of dens.

  3. Oooh count us in! I've only got one day off over half term but we can most defintiely squeeze a den in somehwere. Woody wrote his parenting column about den making last week, there aren't many weekends that go by when there's not one up around here.

    Marvellous idea!
    Hope you're taking things nice and easy.

  4. Hi Emma
    Yes! We're up for it - Dens are just the best!

  5. I'm (we're) in! Can't wait x


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