Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter light...

I think I love instagram as much as film photography *sharp intake of breath* did I say that out loud? I thought it would be a passing phase, but I'm still smitten. 

p.s. thank you for your lovely comments and tweets on my last blog post... my blood pressure still hasn't improved after a weekend on medication, so tomorrow I am off to have acupuncture as it's meant to be effective and I'll try anything right now! 


  1. Best of luck Emma. Hope your blood pressure calms it. I used to have reflexology during my pregnancy with Rufus, I found it very relaxing and used to fall asleep! I dunno if it would help the blood pressure though. Lou xx

  2. Good luck with acupuncture Emma!

  3. Good luck with acupuncture Emma - will be thinking of you.

  4. All the best Emma, keep taking it wasy. No wood chopping!

    Lovely pictures, very nostalgic, like seeing my childhood all over again.

  5. Hi,
    Had to say - I had pre-eclampsia in my pregnancy, just beforehand 38 acupuncurist was fab. Came to the hospital and while I was hooked up to the monitor was sticking her needles in and we watched the bp numbers reduce...totally amazing. She put one needle in and it reduced and kept going down. Don't stress about work - house - mess...everyone else can do that for's so unimportant. You and the baby take number one priority ...just let the rest go....Hope it reduces lots for you. Annie

  6. Hope things are going ok for you Emma - have been thinking of you x


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