Saturday, 28 January 2012

an ode to a bed...

The time has come to buy a new bed and I am really reluctant to do so! This bed was the first thing I bought with my wages from my first proper job, as I had always dreamed of owing a 'bedknobs and broomsticks' type iron bed. We could just replace the mattress, but what you can't see hidden behind the pillows, is where we had to saw the head bit in half so that we could fit it up the tight spiral staircase in our first house together, a tiny Cotswold cottage, that literally had one room, on top of the other, with a beautiful beamed bedroom tucked into the eaves. The bed now squeaks and bows so much that I'm sure it will collapse as it's just held together with a few bits of wooden doweling pushed into the hollow bars. 

It's not even that comfortable and after spending many long nights of sitting in bed in the small hours nursing a baby, having to get the pillows just right for that optimum position propped up between the bars. I am not really looking forward to doing that again and I don't think my back will take it either! 

I'm not sure why I'm so sentimental about a bed, or why I think it justifies a whole blog post? Can I blame pregnancy hormones? So today, I am going to order a very sensible divan bed, with large practical storage drawers in the base and a nice new firm mattress. Then all I need to do is find some big pillows and new bed linen so I can create a beautiful bedroom like those I have been pinning religiously over on Pinterest.

This bed will retire to the garage, as I'm not quite ready to say goodbye just yet! 


  1. How about turning it in to something else, like a seat Or to support plants in the garden.

  2. What a fab idea ~ thanks Sharon ;0)

  3. We did that when I had my baby, my much wanted iron bed lives in the garage too, can't quite part with it. Was terrible for feeding and sitting up though, wish I had swapped before she was born. Our new bed is amazing! Enjoy yours x


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