Sunday, 22 January 2012


With baby number three on the way, I am beginning to nest and attempt to get things done (mainly by writing long lists and giving the Mr. lots of instructions!)

We still need to buy a few things, it's amazing how prepared you are with baby number one, but by number three I have only just started to think about tiny clothes that need to be pulled out of the attic and a pushchair that needs to be found (hopefully not rusty) in the garage. 

I have found some gorgeous baby things this week that I'm lusting after...

This gorgeous quilt for Poet by Maggie and Sparrow oh how I wish I could quilt! 

A beautiful pregnancy pic that has me thinking about having some pics taken, if I do I'm going to ask my friend Penny of McKinley-Rogers who is the most amazing photographer. 

and this handmade West Country willow moses basket, sustainably made and woven locally using traditional weaving skills. 


  1. A willow moses basket! Oh my.

    It's lovely to hear about your preparations. Hope the BP has settled down.

  2. I had some pictures taken in the later stages of pregnancy (my son now being 2 and half) - some were semi naked and the others were with my daughter out in the garden and they are treasures - you should do it! If for no other reason to realise just how much your body changes and how beautiful growing a baby is!


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