Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I made a delicious leftover turkey and leek pie loosely based on this Jamie Oliver recipe yesterday. I forgot to buy any creme fraiche, so made it with double cream and added the last of the cranberry sauce for more of a kick instead, which worked a treat! The day before we had bubble and squeak, made with leftover roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts with some cold turkey and cranberry sauce. We just have a little left for sandwiches, soup and/or a curry and that's our turkey all used up - how are you doing? 


  1. so funny - we have eaten the exact same menu so far this week, only I just put cream in my pie. We are having turkey soup tomorrow. How about you?

  2. It has been leftovers for us all week! Boxing day is my favourite - baked potatoes & cold meats (ham from christmas eve & beef from the big day). Yesterday bubble & squeak & those cold meats again & pea & ham soup for lunch. Tonight we have friends coming for dinner & will be pleased to be cooking from fresh!

  3. We've also eaten the same menu as you this week! Had to adapt the pie recipe too as I had no creme fraiche and every shop was out of ready roll puff pastry - I think a lot of turkey pies must have been baked last night. Thick turkey soup tonight and then that's it for the turkey!

  4. FULL - we finally sent the ham packing yesterday. Salads and soups all around today :)
    Can't WAIT to see you so so soon! Happy New Year my friend!


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