Saturday, 3 December 2011

the family food challenge...

Last weeks menu planning went really well, especially as we had such a busy week too, the preparation really paid off. This week, another busy week with nativity plays and events in the village to go to, and we are all feeling a bit tired and run down. This time of year, there are always lots of sniffles going round both school and at work and I find myself obsessed with vitamin C. 

Also this week the chickens are feeling the cold weather and dark days, and are in a bit of a tiz, they have stopped laying and are starting to molt! Last year they supplied us eggs all the way through the winter, even through those frozen temperatures, I guess as they were still very young. But today, for the first time in 18 months, I have had to buy eggs! 

Tonight we had a fie pie for supper, which is one of my favorite family meals. We call it pirate pie to make it more exciting for the boys, and their challenge is to find the hard boiled eggs aka 'the treasure' in it! Tomorrow it's chicken for sunday lunch, and on Monday i'll make a pie with the leftover chicken and add leeks, a simpler version of Jamie's leftover turkey pie. Then with the bones I'll make a simple chicken stock to make into soup, that I can take to work for lunch on Tuesday. We have bought lots of local apple juice and cider this week, so for a mid week supper, I'll do something like pork chops in cider, Nigel Slater has a good simple recipe, but I usually just make it up as I go along! I'll do a heap of creamy mash and greens to go with the pork, then the following day we can make bubble and squeak, with a fried egg on top! 

I am also starting to think about Christmas food and baking, and want to fit in this list of treats over the next few weeks;

mince pies (of course!)
marshmallow snowflakes for a special hot chocolate
Christmas cupcakes for the teachers 

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