Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas planning...

It's about time I started to do some Christmas planning. I haven't even bought any family presents yet! 

Things I/we need to do...

Present shop for the boys (most important!)
Get the Christmas tree
Make, write & send Christmas cards (have got some lovely brown cards like these - just need to buy white ink)
Chop lots of kindling for the fire
Order turkey and beef for boxing day from local farm
Make wrapping paper with a new reindeer stamp and brown parcel paper
Bake small cakes for the boys to decorate, put in kraft boxes and give to their teachers
Find where I have hidden the stockings (always somewhere different each year!)
Make sure I have all the dry ingredients for lots of biscuits/gingerbread/mince pie baking
Make small sachets of mulling spices to hang on bottles of apple juice
Make gingerbread biscuit garlands to decorate the house/tree
Check the sledge is in full working order and wax the runners (just in case we have snow)
Find the Christmas pudding knitted tea cosy, which I always forget about! 
Find nice presents for grandma and grandad - I have no ideas this year!
Plan for a super special magical Christmas eve with our friends
Tidy the house ~ I don't believe Father Christmas visits messy ones! 
Buy next years calendar & diary (I am usually much better organised than this)
Buy some large buttons from craft shop and find some old pipes and scarves in a charity shop to make some 'snowman kits' to give as gifts (obviously if I do this it won't snow!)

Is this everything? 


  1. Oh dear. I keep getting little surges of adrenalin when I think of all that's to be done but your list makes me feel faint.

  2. Blimey! Hope you manage to stick some time sitting down with your feet up in there somewhere.

    Grandma and Grandad presents (from the boys) in our house will be special hankies, packets of seeds and boxes of Amaretto from the deli. A winner every time.

    Take it easy chopping that kindling.

  3. Chop down your tree. Letters to father christmas. Veggies for christmas dinner. Homemade clemetine curd for gifts. good luck! xxxLou xx


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