Monday, 12 December 2011

an apple for the teacher?

We always try and make Christmas gifts for the teachers and classroom assistants at school as they put so much hard work and long hours in. The boys are incredibly fond of their teachers and love school, so enjoy making jams or biscuits as small tokens to say thanks. 

This year we thought we would make some chocolate truffles using an old recipe from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery (1996). 

150ml fresh double cream
350g   plain chocolate, broken up
25g     unsalted butter
+ coating 

1. Heat cream in a small pan until boiling point
2. Add chocolate and stir until melted
3. Stir in butter until melted
4. Pour into a bowl
5. Place in freezer to harden up (in my recipe book it says for 20 mins, it took me about 40-50mins!)
6. Using a melon baller scoop out rounds or use two teaspoons
7. Roll in cocoa powder/ grated white or plain choc/ coconut or whatever you fancy to coat the truffles
8. Place on a plate in refrigerator and store until ready to serve

This was a fab recipe as it was really simple and easy for the boys to follow and make, plus had the added reward of having a bowl to scrape afterwards! 

We then wrapped them in a small square of tissue paper and popped them into some small kraft boxes, with small snowflakes and tied up with raffia, adding a luggage label hand written by the boys.  

They have turned out really well and are a really effective but not expensive gift!


  1. Ace! I made something similar, (but a lot more craggy and wobbly) last week. I may half inch the idea and give them as teacher's presents. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Too late for this year but will use this idea next year - totally my sort of gift, thank you


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