Monday, 7 November 2011

who needs computers?

The parent I am now is certainly not the parent I thought I would become. I can remember expecting my first child with such a firm idea of the family that we would be, and at first we were like that, eating organic food, trying real nappies, having adventures together and not watching too much TV! 

Now years later, with a tightening of the purse strings, two ever growing boys and another on the way, somehow things seem a little different. There are demands placed on us from different sources, things like school friends that influence the boys, or the lack of time we are able to spend together with things like sports clubs at the weekend or after school clubs. I find I back down more than I ever intend ' for an easy life!' This year the boys have started to mention wanting a Wii for Christmas, which the eldest did last year, as "everyone at school has one" and to be fair most do! But to my horror we are seriously considering it, and this is something that I was determined my children wouldn't have until their teenage years at least! I am consoling myself about my lapsing parenting standards, with a fab junk shop find, a 50p old bingo game that we have spent all weekend playing! Who needs computers when you have bingo? 


  1. excellent choice! i have a "dibber" that someone recently gave me to sell in our charity shop!

  2. Heh!! I commented this time last year about your wii dilema. I have similar values to with regards to parenting, however, we did relent with a wii. We still love playing it with the children, and treat it as a family game that we can all enjoy and have lots of fun with together. There is no reason for your bingo nights to stop, we would probably all count Chinese Chequers as our favourite game, and my little 8 yr old had his friend over tonight, and they spent the best part of the evening playing Uno, completely self directed, they were left to their own devices and opted out of tv and wii and chose playing with little soldier men and a card game. Is cool with me. Good luck with your decision x x

  3. I felt exactly the same, but relented and frankly I'm glad I did. We find the wii to be fun family time. We only buy athletic or sports type games that we move around with and get exercise. The whole family (aunts uncles & grandparents) love to do bowling and canoeing and other things like that together with the kids. It reminds me of growing up playing horseshoes or bad-mitten in the yard late at night. I was pleasantly surprised I have to admit! But I draw the line and war games and other things like that....not in my home!

  4. I have to say Em, I think the same as the bloggers above - at least with Wii there are games you can all get involved in and it is good fun.....I have to admit! All things in moderation! No shoot 'em up games or anything like that though! I am sure you will find a happy medium and the traditional games will still have a valuable place in your home. x

  5. thanks all - problem is, it'll be me that ends up addicted!!!!! ;0)

  6. I still feel like this, but as I have no children yet, I am sure all my strong parenting ideas will be gone if it ever happens, unless I build a new village in the middle of nowhere.

    Have you seen that scary film The Village? Minus the scary woodland monsters I really thought they were on to something, hehe

    I have never liked games consoles, as I would probably end up playing all day too, the ipad is bad enough, but scrabble is like a high tech spelling bee no?

    have fun and don't feel bad if you do end up being a sing star winner :)


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