Friday, 25 November 2011

putting my feet up...

I went to a Christmas Fair at the very stylish Cowley Manor this week, they had a snow machine over the front door, it was magical! I discovered Green & Spring skincare there, isn't the packaging gorgeous? I am definitely asking Father Christmas for a few little somethings in my stocking! 

I've had such a busy few weeks at work and it continues, a new website to launch, a celebrity signed welly auction and I even snuck in a visit behind the scenes at BBC TV's Autumnwatch Unsprung last week and got to meet the legend that's Bill Oddie! Sometimes I love my job, despite being completely worn out. 


  1. Bill Oddie - I loved the Goodies when I was a child and I adore Autumn/spring watch. Lucky you. Hope you get plenty of rest this weekend...

  2. Green and Spring look great, I'm going to have browse on their site now.

    I saw you on autumn watch last week - there was a quick shot of you in the crowd and I recognised you from the few pictures I've seen of you here!


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