Thursday, 24 November 2011

little birds...

These little birds are cheerily gracing our dining table at the moment! It feels like the only tidy place in our house, there seems to be so much clutter everywhere else (which of course doesn't make for a picture I want to share!)

I wish I (or my husband for that matter) was a neat freak, I have piles of paperwork to sort and file, piles of washing to put away, so many little jobs around the house that it all gets a bit much. I really want a house that looks like this. Am hoping that in this pregnancy I get the nesting instinct soon, as so much needs doing! Failing that, does anyone with OCD fancy some therapy at mine? 


  1. Sometimes Mrs Bradshaw, you are living my thoughts! I am sitting here surrounded by clutter and wondering where to start! Piles of stuff is getting to me, it's like all summer I've been busy outside to notice.. and now I want to be inside, I can't because piles and piles of stuff! If you do find an OCD neat freak, please send them my way! Loux Oh and your dream house tres naturale chic! x

  2. p.s... you still planning on chopping your tree down this year? Still want directions to the place I go to, or is North Somerset to far to get a tree? Let me know and I'll email you x


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