Tuesday, 15 November 2011

boy or girl?

I'm nearly half way through my third pregnancy and soon due for another scan. But we're completely undecided about finding out whether we are having a boy or girl? We didn't want to find out with the first two at all but are more curious this time. I like the idea of preparing and choosing names (both our boys weren't named for AGES!) but I also like finding out at the birth, remembering my husband tell me both times "it's a boy!"


  1. I think if I'd been offered the chance with either of mine, I'd have wanted to know.

    To prepare and also to think up a witty reply when I had a 2nd boy to the comments - oh dear, will you try again for a girl (grrr).

  2. Wow 20 weeks already! Enjoy your scan Emma! I found out the gender of my children both times at 20 wks. I just wanted to know and to be able to call the baby he or she rather than it. I loved knowing and I felt very close to my baby afterwards. Most of my friends felt the opposite and wanted a surprise. It really is such a personal choice isn't it? Good luck!

  3. I didn't know for my first child but did for the other three. I have to say that I totally loved knowing - the bump got a name and we refered to the baby by name with the other children. To be honest I was rather hoping for a girl with number 4 so having a couple of months to get used to his boyness was also good for me as I was totally in love with my Finn by the time he was born. I may have had some of the disappointment if I hadn't known in advance.

  4. Don't do it! Life doesn't hold many surprises and the sex of your baby is truly one of the best 'wonderings' you can have.

    There's nothing quite like labouring and knowing that oh so soon you'll meet your babe and find out the sex.

    By the way Emma - I'm absolutely delighted that you're pregnant. So very excited for you.

    All my love x

  5. I'd always go for the surprise...nothing beats it!But then you may feel you just have to know!! x

  6. oooh, the surprise...nope, I WANT TO KNOW Em! : ) I have to say, finding out 3rd time round where I didn't for the first two, just made the last stretch of my last pregnancy so throughly delightful and strangely relaxing by knowing. If I had of been expecting my 3rd boy I would I'm sure have quickly got used to the idea of life with 3 boys, and got equally as excited... but as I was told it's looking like a pink one, I just LOVED the thrill of knowing and being able to get excited for having a little girl at last! (something you probably shouldn't confess to feeling so strongly, but you know how I was!) Completely up to you however ...decisions....(perhaps I could just come and find out for myself though ; )


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