Tuesday, 13 September 2011

muddy puddles...

I am really excited that I'm on the new muddy puddles parent panel! What a gig to get, a company who I already love and products that I believe in (remember my "there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes" rants!) and I have two of the most outdoorsy, active boys who will give the products the most thorough of tests! 

Even more exciting was receiving the latest catalogue today, packed full of new products, some of which we tested and seeing my reviews used in print. My eldest son tested some fab new thermals, he loves them and I can't get him out of them, they have really clever thumbholes so there isn't a gap between gloves and sleeves. My youngest tested two coats, a really cool puffa jacket with a warm fleecy lining and a really sturdy zip, great for little fingers that struggle with zips, this one is good quality and easy to use so makes him feel really independent and a mac with great hood that doesn't cut under his chin and protects from downpours without preventing him from being able to see! 

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  1. They're such a great company - I love their stuff and look forward to hearing about their new items from you.


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