Monday, 26 September 2011

37 things...

and so the tradition continues, a list of all the little things I fancy doing over the next 12 months before my 38th birthday, some realistic, some are just a dream! I have been doing this for four years now after seeing the inspiring Hula's lists and I quite like writing lists, especially of all the nice whimsical things I want to do or just things to look forward to. 
  1. celebrate apple day ✓
  2. bake more cakes ✓
  3. shop local more ✓
  4. learn to make knickers
  5. travel on a 'sleeper' train
  6. make caramel apples with twigs ✓
  7. rent a cherry tree
  8. go fruit picking in ruby
  9. make a croquembouche 
  10. go wassailing ✓
  11. knit a pair of socks
  12. make an army of gingerbread men ✓
  13. sew a table top house 
  14. hire a Morris Minor Traveller for the day
  15. plant edible flowers to add to summer salads ✓
  16. take part in the London friday night skate
  17. stay in a beach hut on our very own beach! ✓
  18. visit Rye {& see my prints on sale in the new Lion Street Store}
  19. find more car boot sales & flea markets ✓
  20. write a book
  21. have a bonfire on the beach ✓
  22. grow asparagus 
  23. own some real art! 
  24. swim at the lido ✓
  25. paint my nails dark red like this ✓
  26. host an vintage afternoon tea party inspired by the secret tea cup
  27. enjoy a weekend away with the blog girls ✓
  28. experiment printing my photographs on different paper
  29. visit the amazing Giffords circus ✓
  30. make this alternative Christmas cake
  31. create some moss graffiti
  32. make ice cream clouds
  33. own a vintage style swimming cap
  34. eat at The Ethicurean after hearing so many good things ✓
  35. take more photographs on film
  36. own a sewing machine
  37. have a baby! ✓


  1. Happy birthday and good luck with all those things- can't wait to see the results. The last one is the most exciting of course!xx

  2. Happy Birthday Emma! I love your lists and the birthday ones are always extra fabulous! Go for no 37!

  3. Totally fabulous birthday to you... brilliant list, especially #37!!!

  4. Happy brilliant birthday - love your list... especially #37!!!

  5. happyhappyEmmaday ^_^
    it's a good list:
    number 37 is an amazing one!
    love&light ☯

  6. I celebrated my 40th birthday by doing number37!
    You're going to have a great year.

  7. Well you snuck the most important point in at the end! Yay a baby. Oh joyful and happy. Such a gorgeous list too... lou xx

  8. A very intriguing list Emma - especially the last item!!! You have inspired me to go and do a list of my own as my birthday is a couple of weeks away. The Beach Hut looks like heaven on earth - one day.....

    Have a very happy birthday!

  9. Inspired by your list last year, I wrote a list of 40 things I wanted to do when I was 40, no. 1 of which was have a baby... and Alice was born in July! So I am a big fan of your list idea! The only thing was that her arrival meant that a lot of the other things on the list will just have to be done when I am 41...(including write a blog!) Have a very happy Birthday and what a truly fabulous list! Enjoy it!

  10. Great list emma, thanks for posting our Morris Minor link. We'll do you a special deal when you're ready to hire it.

  11. Thanks for sharing your list, number 37 is especially exciting!

    I'm the same as you, I LOVE writing lists :)

  12. Woohoo! Congratulations! Hope the sicky stuff goes soon, that sucks!


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