Thursday, 29 September 2011

the birds and the bees...

so if you missed the clue in Monday's post, this is what's in my tummy right now! I'll be honest and say I am a little daunted by what lies ahead and how we will cope but I know lots of people with large families who are just amazing, so hopefully it will be OK!!!

I don't do pregnancy at all well and get extreme morning sickness which lasts all day, I lost three stone in weight in the first three months of my first pregnancy, it was horrendous. It has been a lot better this time, I have been having weekly acupuncture and it seems to have helped as I have certainly not been as sick as usual, the exhaustion however, is a whole other matter!

I've been examining the scan picture above to see whether I could see if it's a boy or a girl, bit concerned about the empty brain though, obviously takes after me!

Monday, 26 September 2011

37 things...

and so the tradition continues, a list of all the little things I fancy doing over the next 12 months before my 38th birthday, some realistic, some are just a dream! I have been doing this for four years now after seeing the inspiring Hula's lists and I quite like writing lists, especially of all the nice whimsical things I want to do or just things to look forward to. 
  1. celebrate apple day ✓
  2. bake more cakes ✓
  3. shop local more ✓
  4. learn to make knickers
  5. travel on a 'sleeper' train
  6. make caramel apples with twigs ✓
  7. rent a cherry tree
  8. go fruit picking in ruby
  9. make a croquembouche 
  10. go wassailing ✓
  11. knit a pair of socks
  12. make an army of gingerbread men ✓
  13. sew a table top house 
  14. hire a Morris Minor Traveller for the day
  15. plant edible flowers to add to summer salads ✓
  16. take part in the London friday night skate
  17. stay in a beach hut on our very own beach! ✓
  18. visit Rye {& see my prints on sale in the new Lion Street Store}
  19. find more car boot sales & flea markets ✓
  20. write a book
  21. have a bonfire on the beach ✓
  22. grow asparagus 
  23. own some real art! 
  24. swim at the lido ✓
  25. paint my nails dark red like this ✓
  26. host an vintage afternoon tea party inspired by the secret tea cup
  27. enjoy a weekend away with the blog girls ✓
  28. experiment printing my photographs on different paper
  29. visit the amazing Giffords circus ✓
  30. make this alternative Christmas cake
  31. create some moss graffiti
  32. make ice cream clouds
  33. own a vintage style swimming cap
  34. eat at The Ethicurean after hearing so many good things ✓
  35. take more photographs on film
  36. own a sewing machine
  37. have a baby! ✓

another year...

I'm another year older today with a few more 'laughter lines', I was given some lovely birthday butterfly cakes delivered by Jenny (above), a fab pair of hand knitted socks and a lovely book 'Handmade Home' from my husband (below).

Yesterday Gina took me to Bailey's Home and Garden for a birthday treat, where we treated ourselves to lunch in the tin Tabernacle Tea Shop. I just love the handwritten labels by Charlotte Farmer that are throughout the store. I love birthdays!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Apple scrumping day...

This mornings horrible early downpours cleared and we were blessed with sunshine on our apple scrumping day. The kind owners of the most beautiful orchard let us pick some of their trees to make apple juice as part of our community apple day project.

The children used sticks to reach and knock down some of the high up fruit!

As well as traditional orchard varieties of apple tree, there were pear, medlar and quince tree's too, as well as plenty of blackberry brambles. Orchards are a rare habitat, and the trees support a wealth of wildlife from mistletoe, lichen and lesser spotted woodpeckers.

We ate a lunch time picnic whilst enjoying far reaching views across the valley.

We picked three trailer loads of apples, to wash, cut out any bruises, mash and then press, bottle and pasturise. The children helped but mainly played, enjoying their freedom by exploring the orchard and stream.

Here are just some of the bottles filled today, that will be on sale at Apple Day soon.

Friday, 16 September 2011

thank crunchie it's...


The Do Lectures are taking place at the moment, have you heard of them? I've been following them the past couple of years as they take place in one of my favourite parts of Wales. Check out the website and sign up for their newsletter for weekly inspiration. 

It's also national cupcake week! Just in case you needed an excuse, mine this week comes from Hobbs House Bakery, who get the frosting just right - you don't want too much on top! 

The new book from Mark and Sally Bailey of Bailey's Home and Garden, has just been published, it's called Handmade Home and looks fab - I think it may just end up in my shopping basket! 

I wish I lived a little closer to the 'secret tea cup' for the sticky buns and hedgerow jam event this weekend!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

muddy puddles...

I am really excited that I'm on the new muddy puddles parent panel! What a gig to get, a company who I already love and products that I believe in (remember my "there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes" rants!) and I have two of the most outdoorsy, active boys who will give the products the most thorough of tests! 

Even more exciting was receiving the latest catalogue today, packed full of new products, some of which we tested and seeing my reviews used in print. My eldest son tested some fab new thermals, he loves them and I can't get him out of them, they have really clever thumbholes so there isn't a gap between gloves and sleeves. My youngest tested two coats, a really cool puffa jacket with a warm fleecy lining and a really sturdy zip, great for little fingers that struggle with zips, this one is good quality and easy to use so makes him feel really independent and a mac with great hood that doesn't cut under his chin and protects from downpours without preventing him from being able to see! 

Friday, 9 September 2011

the Tots 100

So after thinking I'll take a break or evolve this blog into something else, I discover this week I am number 16 in the Tots100 blog rank. I don't watch my stats or traffic sources and blog for my own enjoyment than to gain followers or readers, but I am secretly quite flattered, despite realising that it's probably due to everyone else being on holiday in August!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

bluster and bother...

I haven't been around much lately as I've been feeling quite run down so have been taking it easy. I'm getting a bit bored of this blog too, it's starting to feel quite samey don't you think? Like so many others out there and I quite fancy a radical change but haven't decided quite what yet! 

I have been inhabiting this little space since 2007 and a change might be just what I need. I think I'm going to chew the end of my new term pencil and see what I can come up with.

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