Wednesday, 3 August 2011


met a lovely journalist at work, saluated to a single magpie as I drove past, was taken out for afternoon tea so wore my pearls, made pea, courgette and garden mint risotto from the garden, went to an apple day meeting and stayed up late talking about all things apple! 


  1. Its a good day when you get to wear pearls.

    Love the jam lables. Perfect.
    Steph x

  2. I do like a string of pearls but I like being taken out for tea even more!

  3. Love your picture - the pearls make you look such a lady! I am currently looking at bell tents - where did you end up buying yours? Do you have any words of wisdom? Hope you don't mind me asking but after seeing a couple when we camped I am now desperate to upgrade!

  4. Love the picture and the day sounds like the most perfect day, especially in summer. x


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