Friday, 1 July 2011

thrifty finds...

I love Fridays, I usually start the day at my local market where I buy flowers and plants from the WI stall for very reasonable prices. Then a rummage at the junk stall to purchase a few more tea cups and saucers. The owner of the stall let me rummage around her lock up today, which is packed from floor to ceiling with boxes of stuff, a real Aladdin's I was rewarded with finding a pile of colourful sheets and linens for a den making workshop I'm running in a few weeks time!


  1. Oh I wish there was a WI stall in my town. I had a charity shop crawl yesterday with my SIL. Bought so many goodies that I'm blogging about this weekend. It's the best feeling isn't it, finding goodies!

    Sam x

  2. What fantastic goodies. Your den building course sounds exciting. Den building was one of my favourite things when I was little. Still is really - I just upgraded to a house!

  3. Oh that workshop sounds fun! Your posts have got me den bulding for my little one, I have been meaning to send you a pic for ages so here it is:
    She loves it so thank you for the inspiration!
    I'm so jealous of those linens,they look pretty! x


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