Sunday, 17 July 2011

sunshine after the rain...

After what seemed like hours of rain yesterday, the clouds eventually cleared and we made a dash for the village of Lacock. Dating back the the thirteenth century, the village has remained untouched without any street markings, satellite dishes or telegraph lines, making it the perfect backdrop for all those period dramas on TV. 

We skipped past the busy National Trust cafe, looking for something a little more authentic and less touristy, and found a lovely place called 'At the Sign of the Angel' a really old house in one of the more quieter streets and ordered afternoon tea in the garden.  

After a quick lap of the village, walking off the very large portions of cake we had just polished off, we visited Lacock Abbey. The botanic garden was lovely, with sunflowers, rows of alliums and a greenhouse. 

But the real reason we had visited was to see the Whispering Woods storytellers, who were performing in the Abbey grounds. They were wonderful, starting off with a folk dance that we all had to take part in, then weaving around the gardens, looking for faery folk as part of the story, whilst being serenaded by violin and cello music. 

We gasped in awe as we reached the glades with the tightrope walker (pictured top) and then the acrobat performing amazing acts, it was simply enchanting. 


  1. What sort of prices for tea and cakes at the Angel? Would love to take my girls in the summer -looks lovely. Thanks

  2. I think cakes are £2.50 although we could of shared as the portions were HUGE, £1.75 for hot chocolate I think we spent £10/£12 for all of us. There was another tea room that looked more expensive but there are three pubs, a bakery and a National Trust tea shop too - so plenty of choice - or there was a picnic field next to the playing field with benches in, if you want to take your own. So plenty of choice! Have a fab time, emma x

  3. Hi Emma - so glad you made it to their show - we did the folk dance too and I thought the whole feel of it was so lovely. Fab pictures as always. x

  4. Thank you so much for the recommendation, I will definitely come down and see them at Leigh Woods next year too x

  5. A lovely post...sunflowers are my favourite!
    Happy Monday

  6. so cool, emma! thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Oh I'm so annoyed I missed that. I wanted to see them but couldn't find details of the Lacock date & had no reply to my email. Their website still advertises Leigh Woods. Do you know if they have anymore events this year? x


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