Friday, 22 July 2011

owning an eight year old...

the boy is eight! I'm not quite sure how it happened, I remember the conversation my husband and I had as newlyweds when we moved into our first house together and I said "let's get a dog," he thought about it and quick as a wink, we discovered that we were expecting a baby instead, "This isn't what I agreed to" he lamented!

I often think about that conversation, me wanting a springer spaniel, and I definitely think that's what we got, minus the waggy tail. The boy hasn't stopped since the day he was born, quick to crawl, he didn't bother walking, just went straight to running. His enthusiasm and excitement for everything can be exhausting, but at the same time he is so thoughtful and kind.

We celebrated his birthday by going out for breakfast and then having a party in the park with his friends in the afternoon, exactly what he wished for. The boys and I made gingerbread footballers and wrapped football comics in brown paper to give out instead of party bags.

For food we took the camp stove to the park and cooked hot dogs, which went down really well with onions and tomato ketchup, simple and easy for a load of hungry boys. 

The day ended with our measuring ritual, every birthday we measure the boys and a mark is added to the wall to see how much they have grown over the year. My mum did this when I was little and it's tradition we have continued.  

*Oh and just for the record, I still haven't got the dog!


  1. I LOVE the footballer gingerbread. What a great idea! Time really flies doesn't it? I cannot believe I have a two year old and a second child already!!!! Where is time going?

  2. Happy birthday Big Boy! I love that he's a springer spaniel - wag-powered!

  3. I have long held a theory that boys are very much like puppies. To make them truly happy they need lots of exercise, lots of food and some loving attention just before they drift off to sleep... It looks like a lovely birthday and those footballing gingerbread men look cool. He looks very like you in that top photo!

  4. Happy wonderful birthday - sounds like the best party ever!!!

  5. I promised Mr Kat we could get a springer when we had a baby. Three down and no dog....yet.


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