Sunday, 24 July 2011

outdoor theatre...

we spent a fab sunny evening watching a production of the children's book 'the mole who knew it was none of his business' in a hidden outdoor amphitheatre. I was quite surprised when we were given the book about five years ago, as the story is about a mole who pops his head out of his hole only to be 'poo'd' upon! The mole then visits lots of animals to find out which animal did this to him, inevitably, as it's about bottom humour, it has become a firm favourite of the boys! 

I love the current fashion of bring children's storybooks to life, it's a lovely way to capture a child's imagination and introduce them to theatre. This production was by the Kipper Tie theatre company, a cast of just three actors who were just fab, and similar in style to the Gruffalo Live production we saw back in February. I have also seen adverts for Fantastic Mr. Fox live, but all the venues near me are sold out already! 


  1. It's a great book, I bought it a few years back as a box set with a cuddly mole with errm (cuddly?) poo on his head.

    Outdoor theatre is something I long to go to when LO is old enough to sit still.

  2. I love this book - an very jealous


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