Wednesday, 27 July 2011

how to make a tipi...

We got the tipi out to play in today as I needed to make some minor adjustments to it! It now stands at over two metres tall and turned out a lot larger than I had intended, as despite making a scale model that looked fine, in real life it was too narrow! I think this is due to my poor grasp of maths more than anything.

There are nine isosceles triangular panels in total each measuring a finished 80cm width at the bottom and 2metres in height from base to tip. I cut them out a little wider to allow for sewing together. We then got nine 2.5metre sticks, coppiced from our local woodland for the frame and slipped it over the top, whilst balancing on a ladder!

The cotton canvas is a lovely natural one from Whaley's of Bradford, where they have a large selection of various weights and finishes of canvas to choose from, we chose a very natural looking calico light. I am rather pleased with how it has turned out, especially as I hand sewed it, and even if it was intended to be half the size for the boys bedroom!


  1. Wow I'm impressed - that is a lot of hand sewing. I am planning a tipi make for the garden they are so cool.

  2. Fab Emma, your crafting skills never cease to amaze! Makes me want to climb in too :)

  3. This looks fab, Emma! Was lovely to see you again at the pool - and the blog is really great! Kath x.

  4. Kath
    so lovely to see you too, and my your children have grown! I'm sorry I left when you were on the phone, it takes me ages to round my two up and get anywhere, hopefully see you again soon at the pool?

    Emma x


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