Monday, 25 July 2011

homemade pooters...

Today we made some homemade pooters with jam jars and went bug hunting in the sunshine! Pooters are so easy to make, you need jam jars, plastic tubing, some muslin, electrical tape and blue tack. 

We drilled two large holes in the lids of the jam jars and pushed two lengths of plastic tubing into each, sealing one end with a little muslin and electrical tape, so that when you suck you don't end up swallowing any bugs. Then sealed around the plastic tubing with some blue tack. 

Then armed with a good identification guide, we looked for little bugs and beasties! The joy of this activity is that it's cheap and you can do it anywhere, check out the Wildlife Watch site for your own downloadable 'how to make a pooter' guide. 


  1. Oh Emma I LOVE your new header. They are so adorable! Super boys. ANd brilliant pooters, Charlie must have one! I'll give it a go. Lou xx

  2. These are so totally cool!!! My bug mad 5yr old is going to be in heaven when she sees these!!!

  3. Lovely blog. Great photos and brilliant bug idea. Do you know the US book "I Love Dirt"? My friend gave me a copy and it's got loads of creative outdoor activities in it. Think you might like it.


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