Saturday, 30 July 2011

feeling fruity...

We found out about Clive's Fruit Farm, through the lovely blog A Quiet Corner, and decided to have a day out picking fruit, a great summer holiday day out.

The strawberries were large and luscious, perfect for picking and so much better than the ones from the place we usually go to. 

Obviously I took the quality control inspector, who was caught eating one!

There were strawberries, plums, cherries, raspberries and apples to pick, the smell from these apples (above) was amazing. 

There was even something for Pete, wobblejuice, real farmhouse cider, not the fizzy bottled stuff that is so fashionable now, this stuff will make you fall over! Will have to watch him when he drinks this, it could be quite funny! 

And there was a lovely farm shop with a butchery and cafe, for you to sit and enjoy a cup of tea, whilst the hens peck the crumbs from under your table! Perfect, we will certainly go back, but first we have a marathon jamming session.


  1. Oooh pyo, I think we must have to go next weekend- what fun. Although I know a 2 year old strawberry-addict who would have to be weighed on the way out!

  2. I have a bottle of Perry Wobblejuice in my cupboard. I feel I need to wait for a special occasion to drink it and fall over. Looks even better in a barrel.

  3. Thank you for the mention. The butcher is fab - we treat ourselves to the steak there every now & again. Now it is the school holiday we try to go once a week, it is so lovely there.

  4. Beautiful pictures all around :) LG Tina

  5. oh that looks like such a fantastic day


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