Wednesday, 6 July 2011

car booting...

I love car booting and go with my friend Gina, although not as much as we would like! We usually get up very early and travel to a large car boot in a nearby town, where you may even bump into the queen of the car boot sale, who can spot a bargain a mile off!  

We love a bargain and whilst Gina will look at everything and come away laden with stuff, I flit (attention span of a gnat!) looking for specific things. We have an unusual tactic of often liking the same thing and confuse the seller by haggling between ourselves first! I still wish I'd seen the wooden metre stick first and bought the preserving pan that I thought extortionate at £1! 

This week I discovered the blog 'A Thrify Mrs' where she has put together '10 bootsale tips' a great guide if you are new to boot sales. I really must get to some more and try out some new boot sales/markets, anyone got any good places to go? 


  1. I'd love a morning car booting soon, but where are the good ones near bris and bath? I'm clueless on anything outside of devon!Hope your well.

  2. Haven't been for sooo long I'm beginning to pine! CAn't stop thinking of all he treasures I've missed x

  3. I have never been car booting (poor me, I know)... If anyone has tips for any in London, i'd love to know!


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