Sunday, 10 July 2011

apple inspiration...

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We have been talking about having an apple day celebration in our village, gathering fallen apples from unwanted trees to press and make apple juice and cider, having games such as 'the longest peel' competition and apple bobbing, baking apple pie, eating pork and apple stew, planting a community orchard, mapping all the old orchards in our village that have disappeared and putting together a history walk, a sausage and cider walk, there are many ideas...

Have you ever organised or been to an apple day celebration? I would love to hear from you...


  1. I've never been to an apple day but think its a lovely idea. We have an old cherry orchard here with a public footpath next to it that I recently foraged lots of delicious juicy cherries from...Yum.

  2. Yes, one of our neighbouring villages has an apple day in the autumn, where you can bring along your windfalls and there's a machine to press them into juice. We also used to go to an Applefestival when we lived in Sussex on a cider farm. Nothing beets a hog roast bap with fresh apple sauce and crackling!

  3. Hi Emma

    Have you checked out Common Ground? They organised the first Apple Day celebratiosn about 20 years ago. They do posters, packs and all sorts, brilliant charity that celebrates local distinctiveness etc, their website is here:

    There aren't all that many orchards around our way so for apple day last year I bought a bag of regional varieties at the farmers market and we had a taste and name competition at home. Delicious stuff. Sounds like a great idea for your village, have tons of tasty fun.

  4. Hi Emma, I have in fact, I have been to one at West Dean - they have a lot of apple trees!

    I don't know if this helps, it is a long time since i visited this particular event but i do remember i enjoyed it!

  5. We live near some heritage orchards and they have an apple day every year. It's a display of all the different apples, a juice press, cider bar and a cooking comp with various apple recipes. There's usually a hog roast with apple sauce too.

    They also give guided tours of the orchards and have boxes of apples on sale. Plus there's other local craft and food stalls. They have apple related games for the kids too.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Both of my houses have been named after orchardy things - Pearmain Cottage and Black Fox House - so I think an Apple Day is an excellent idea. What about a collection of orchard fables or poems, apple jam/chutney making or maybe a community collection of drawings of apples, trees, leaves, blossom etc - might even make lovely cards and postcards. Herefordshire is currently celebrating a Year of Orchards and so you may find some ideas from that? I think Orchards are having a renaissance which is wonderful for those of us who are obsessed! good luck

  7. Duh sorry emma - I didn't see the link to Common Ground on your post! Off to skulk embarressedly under a stone!!!

  8. oooooooh cider. mercy. i need cider!

    beautiful blog, glad to join you

    xo em


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