Wednesday, 1 June 2011

oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

A school holiday day trip to Western-Super-Mare, with donkey rides on the beach and ice cream. We went on the train for that added 'spirit of adventure' and found out from other travelers that we could have bought our tickets for half price as there are many 2 for 1 offers on First Great Western Trains at the moment! Doh - I hate it when that happens!


  1. Such fab pictures! I have old b&w photos of my dad riding a donkey on that very beach. I've never been to Weston- seems to be one of those places that people either say is brilliant or terrible. I must try it out and jusge for myself x

  2. I really must dig out the polaroids of me on the donkey's as a girl too! Weston is what it is, I think if you can embrace the amusement arcades, ice cream and greasy chips then actually it's not too bad. Behind the neon signs is beautiful architecture and the loo's are clean (something I measure places by!). I have heard nice things about Clevedon which is really close by, but never visited there! Emma x

  3. What fantastic pictures. It has been years since I saw donkey rides on a beach. Are they there all summer. Mind you when I was little a donkey bit me on the bum - they aren't as sweet as they look!


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