Tuesday, 28 June 2011

my manifesto...

All children should have access to explore the natural world around them;

  1. to climb trees 
  2. get dirty knees
  3. pick and eat blackberries from hedgerows
  4. camp under the stars
  5. toast marshmallows on an open fire
  6. roll down a hill
  7. make mud pies
  8. splash about in a puddle/stream/river/the sea
  9. grow potatoes, dig them up & eat them
  10. feel a sense of freedom
I believe that all children should have the right to do all these things and more, it should be 'second nature.'


  1. I agree! I grew up like that and I still get dirty, climb trees and roll down hills! I've done all of those things in the last 10 days hehe!!

  2. A lovely list and one that should be possible for any family anywhere.

  3. That is a fantastic list - your manifesto should be the law for children! I am happy to say that Finn did most of those things this weekend. Dad took him camping - to Thistledown, somewhere near you I think? There was a fire, there were marshmallows and he certainly came home dirty enough! x

  4. Brilliant! I'm going to print that out & stick it on our fridge. x

  5. Just love your manifesto!!! You really should be in charge!!!


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