Wednesday, 22 June 2011

giving consent...

A few weeks ago a picture of mine (above) appeared in The Daily Mirror to illustrate the feature "Help your children discover wildlife on your doorstep with a nature walk" which I would usually get very excited about. However, the piece didn't include a picture credit to me and instead credited Getty Images.

I read all the time about originality, and various copyright issues, I even buy images as part of my job meticulously sourcing images and making sure we credit correctly. I know how easy it is to get wrong and how as a photographer by releasing a digital image, it all comes down to trust and good practice.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am, this is the third time it has happened, first Sainsbury's magazine, then the Big Issue and now the Daily Mirror. The pictures each time have been for a commission and have been passed on to a third party. As a photographer that's learning the ropes, trying to make a name for myself without giving too much material away for free, I find it really hard. It also makes it very difficult to find out who is at fault, were the pictures sent with the correct copyright in the file name? Was it the picture desk, if I complain will they ever use me again?

Once it's out there the damage has been done. I'll never earn enough to give up the day job, but I do want to be credited. I just wish I could be excited about having made it into a national newspaper!


  1. I dont know whether to congratulate you or give my sympathies! Firstly bloomin wehay! for getting into the national papers... that is awesome! But rotten luck on the non credit. Is there someone at work who would give advice on this... you must have a legal bod? Great image... here here to giving up the day job and focussing more on photography...I dream too! xxLou x

  2. Have you contacted the Daily Fail to have them apologise and credit you?! They could update the web article with your name and slip a little note into the paper somewhere!

    It's great that they used your photo but what a shame abotu the credit, I would have been very angry and straight on to the phone to them!

  3. That is such a shame - it seems to be so hard to get the credit that you deserve and all because of lazy journalism actually. Beautiful photo though. x

  4. I feel your pain Emma. This happened to me a few years back. I had a DPS image (yup, a huge photo!) published in the Sat Independent travel supplement and it had no credit. I was devastated. I didn't say anything as I know a third party supplied the photo and didn't include a credit - idiots.
    I also know the story from the other side having spent many years working on picture desks. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but I'm meticulous with crediting as I think it's vitally important. However, if the information is incorrectly supplied then the picture desk can only use the credit available to them, so maybe the third party credited Getty Images and the picture desk wouldn't have known any different. Also, pages go through many channels before publication and sadly sometimes mistakes creep in when, say, a wrong version that hasn't been signed off by the picture desk gets sent to the printers.

  5. Wow! I just want to hug you. First for a great photo & then for the frustration. Don't let it dampen your enthusiasm though, keep at it!

  6. Oh that's so wonderful that your beautiful photo was published but how sad that it has been soured by a lack of credit. I would agree with the previous comment about getting to the bottom of it by speaking to the picture desk - you may well speak to someone who is sympathetic and you can find out what happened.

  7. Such a lovely picture and such a horrid paper. Congratulations/comiserations x


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