Tuesday, 7 June 2011

farm shop fodder...

this is a brilliant time of the year to visit your local farm shop. My favourite are the shops where you can pick your own or walk around the farm to see where your food has come from, like these onions (above) and strawberries (below).

Strawberries are my favourite food to pick, they remind me of childhood, walking miles to our nearest farm, and eating as many in the fields as we picked!

We picked some gooseberries this year too, I'd forgotten just how prickly the bushes were though, owch! I used them to make a quick 'fool' with, I boiled the gooseberries with a little water and lots of sugar to taste, adding a small amount of elderflower too for a delicate taste. After waiting for the gooseberries to cool I whipped up some double cream to put on top, or you can stir in for a more traditional gooseberry fool. Quick and very easy.

1 comment:

  1. Gooseberry fool sounds lovely. Must get to out local fruit farm this weekend.


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