Sunday, 5 June 2011

eats, shoots and leaves...

I'm addicted to eating pea shoots at the moment, so easy to grow and perfect in summer salads mixed with sugar snap peas, mange tout and asparagus. Do you remember the peatini's I made for my exhibition last year? A great green colour, although from memory I think I put a little too much gin in!

I want to grow some edible flowers to add to summer salads to make them look pretty, so have been choosing what best to grow, I rarely grow flowers, unless I am companion planting vegetables! There is even a company called First Leaf that supplies edible flowers! I think I will grow violas, rose geranium and marigolds as they are just beautiful and I can use them in ice cubes too!


  1. ooo yum! Will have to try this and the peatinis! Lou x

  2. Hi Emma
    Love hearing all about your domestic life, I would like some photo's taken of my glass and mirrors to make business cards with and immediately though of you! Might you be interested?


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