Wednesday, 15 June 2011

becoming a 'foodie'...

taking a break with a tea loaf

Talk about blowing my own trumpet, but today my bloggers interview appears in the June edition of The Foodie Bugle. I am hugely honored to appear alongside some really wonderful and inspiring people, especially as I don't consider myself a 'foodie' at all! I guess looking through my blog, I do waffle on about cooking and recipes a fair bit, especially when it comes to foraging! 

The Foodie Bugle, if you haven't discovered it before, is a beautiful online co-operative magazine, created and edited by Silvana de Soissons, dedicated to the sourcing, preparation and enjoyment of good food and drink, produced by skilled artisans, sold by quality purveyors and savoured by foodies. It tells the story of simple, frugal, seasonal food and drink from farm to fork, from soil to shop, from grape to glass. 

This month the features range from a fab Friday night shift/behind the scenes tour from Tom Herbert of Hobbs House Bakery, an interview with Jane Clarke author of Nourish, local ice cream from Winstones and even a wild food forage

So sit yourself down with a cup of tea and slice of cake and immerse yourself in The Foodie Bugle. Do let me know what you think.  


  1. I love 'The Foodie Bugle'! Think it's fab that you've been included. Well done. I get so many great things from you that are food related. :) x

  2. Good for you, how great to have someone think of you like that.


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