Thursday, 26 May 2011


I have just sold our beloved bell tent, am writing quickly so I don't hyperventilate! I have been dithering for a little while about trading up to a five metre diametre tent, as our four metre has felt on the small side since we stayed in a rather large tipi!

It has been perfectly adequate since we bought it in 2006, but as the boys have grown and they are just so boisterous, and I have secretly been visiting this website to check out bigger belles!

I can't believe we are currently tentless, apart from a very old and very tiny two man tent! At least I am safe in the knowledge that it has gone to a good home, to be loved as much as we did.


  1. Oh my! I say your photo on my dashboard and thought I'd be reading a camping trip! But how exciting to have a larger tent on the horizon with all the extra accessories it will hold!

  2. A bigger tent means longer trips away.I hope you find ones soon to make more momories with.

  3. Awww... But you'll adore the 5m - and trade right up - the one with the zip on groundsheet - I have that and I love it - my friend just bought the same model and we're off on another camp this Sunday! As a matter of interest, I bought mine from Bell Tent, and we compared to a Soul Pad on the last camp site we were at for the Royal Wedding. According to my ever practical partner, there is a difference in terms of the height of the small vertical wall - which he and the other practical man of our party, reckoned, made the Bell Tent more stable in high winds. Having camped through 80mph gusts, I can confirm the Bell Tent withstood the gusts very, very well.... However, not too impressed with their customer service.. my friend's Bell Tent arrived without guy ropes, pegs or pole.... and having been assured that EVERYTHING had been checked and was in the bag, they didn't discover this til they were at the campsite. That aside, no problems. If you fancy a drive to the NL, I can give you the web link to the place where B T buy theirs in from - a third of the price, depending on currency exchange. Boo x

  4. What an amazing looking tent!! Love reading your blog. Thank you. x

  5. I am very interested to hear details from Belltents from The Netherlands . I am dutch bought a bell tent in the UK. Love it, would like to buy some additions, so would be interested to find out if cheaper in NL.

  6. I saw your Bell tent amazing and love reading your blog..........Keep it up


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