Monday, 16 May 2011

please and thank you...

An awkward thing happened to me today, a mum at the school gates said "thank you for the thank you card, but you thanked us for the wrong present!" As I cringed in embarrassment hoping that it was a simple Alex/Alexandra mix up, I remembered I had wittered on to the other mum last week about how fab the *wrong* present was!

thank you notes can be quite simple!

The worst thing is that I'm quite strict about this, the boys never open up presents at their parties (well maybe just one), they open them at home after when it is calmer or on their birthday if it is close. I am always there with pad and pencil making sure I write down who has given what, so we can thank them personally and the boys appreciate what they have been given. I have seen so many big parties when the gift you have carefully chosen, is unwrapped and dumped unceremoniously in a big pile in the corner (with you regretting not buying something quite inappropriate when that happens!)

I never fail to be shocked when we don't receive a thank you note, so many people just don't bother any more! I really value and pass on to the boys good manners, it's so important. We also try and hand make the cards too, so a little effort has gone in from the child not just a mum written card. I obviously muddled up the gifts this year to my embarrassment, oh well maybe if I could just ask them all to swap cards?


  1. I am so in agreement with you. Thank you cards are a must in this house too! Better to have muddled them up than not sent any I think! x

  2. That happened to me once. I'd written down Mel - book & Mel - pens for charlie's 2nd birthday presents. And got them both mixed up!! Easily done. Needless to say I am more thorough now. Love the idea of giving a scary creature along with the note. Bless Alfie's love writing! lou x

  3. I am so with you on thank-you letters and I totally love yours!!! How cute are they!!!

  4. I write thank you cards but don't often get any when I give a gift ~ I even attended a wedding shower where I was asked to address a blank envelope to myself (which I did) but never received the thank you!

    It's a pity because I love giving and getting them! There's something so special about a handwritten note.

  5. Don't beat yourself up too much. I think it's brilliant you sent out thank you notes.

  6. I agree, don't beat yourself up - and anyway, all mums will appreciate a) the thank you note, and b) how easy it is to make a simple error. xx

  7. If I were the other mum I'd have just not said anything - I think there was no need!

    Love the idea, I've pinned it so Toby can do something similar when he's older.

    Sam x

  8. I agree with you on Thank you cards, but I think it is important to open the present while the person who has given it to you is there. We turn this into a game, so it is never hectic and everyone else can see what each others presents are, they always love it. I make sure the kids say thank you before we move on to the next present. I often do this with little memory game cards. Make two piles of the same picture cards. Give the birthday boy/girl a pile and share the other pile between the guests. THe birthday person will pick on of his/her pile and the guest who has the same card can give the present first. I still write down who has given what present but it is always calm and organised.

    I find it always so nice to see someones face when they open the present you have bought them, I hate it if they put it aside and I don't see them opening it.



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