Tuesday, 31 May 2011

it's a Gruffalo...

My gorgeous friend Jenny made my youngest the best fancy dress outfit ever - a Gruffalo costume! A fab waistcoat (fashioned from a throw!) with a large hood complete with horns, a tail and purple prickles all over his back. Together with a scary pair of feet with turned out toes, he really is the scariest creature in the deep dark wood. 

If you haven't read the Gruffalo books, I do recommend them, they are great to read out loud together and we do lots of different accents for all the animals. We saw the live stage tour earlier in the year too by the Tall Stories Theatre Company, we were captivated, I hope it comes back our way again soon!


  1. What a great costume! I love the Gruffalo books. Didn't know there was a live stage tour but it sounds great!

  2. I love the costume, but to him I am shore he thinks he is Gruffalo when he puts it on.


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