Saturday, 21 May 2011

Giffords Circus tour begins...

oh happy days, the circus season has started once more! Giffords Circus is a small touring 1930s village green circus that tours the Cotswolds each year between May and September. This year the circus is based on the novel 'War and Peace' with original score and live 13 piece band. 

We were delighted to go yesterday and see some familiar faces back this year such as Bibi and Bichu the jugglers and the fantastic Tweedy the clown. It's fast paced and fun filled with some tender touches in between, beautiful singing, a falcon, doves and a goose called Brian. 

The performers are so talented, we just marveled and gasped at their acts! Hopefully we'll go again over the summer as once is never enough!


  1. We are going in two weeks at Hay Festival - can't wait!

  2. We went to the opening night in Gloucester and then had dinner with these guys afterwards in their fantastic (yes - fantastic!) restaurant. We loved every minute of this experience. J and H

  3. We're booked for August on Minch common after your recommendation a few months back-can't wait! Glad it loved up to expectations! x

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Tweedy is back with the show this year!

  5. We go every year in Marlborough for my daughters birthday - can't wait! X


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