Monday, 2 May 2011

damper bread...

We made a damper (or campfire) bread today using this recipe, and cooked it on sticks over a campfire with some bacon wrapped local asparagus. I love campfire bread, you have to keep twizzling the stick so that it doesn't burn and cooks inside!


  1. Oh Z would love to cook bread over a campfire. I'm going to try it sometime and also thinking about having an outdoor cinema night for my birthday! Is it complicated?

  2. hi Catherine,
    Z would love it - although littlies can get bored with all the twizzling! But love the result, we have a tiny bucket bbq in the garden and cook it on that too!

    Outdoor cinema was easy - used a sheet for the screen, borrowed a projector (although forgot that macs need a special lead) so borrowed neighbours laptop in the end! We put the projector on a step ladder and it worked a treat.

    Emma x

  3. Yum- I remember making dampers at guides. I saw the wildlife trust on countryfile yesterday- were you invovled?

  4. Thanks Emma, you're a Sweetie and I'll try and get my props sorted to make it happen. Right, I'm DEFINITELY off to bed now!

  5. Oh yummy! Just the word 'damper' conjures up such great memories. I love it with lashings of butter and jam... hence I don't make it on the fire pit too often! x

  6. I absolutely loved making dampers as a kid and have since introduced dampers to my own children. Until now i hadn't come across anyone else who knew about dampers


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