Tuesday, 3 May 2011

climbing trees and dirty knees...

When was the last time you climbed a tree? We explored the woods this weekend and climbed mossy trees. It was really windy, so we held them tightly as they swayed, listening to them creaking and groaning.


  1. Hi Emma, I've just spent an enjoyable few minutes catching up on your last posts - What a great cake! I shall certainly try the damper bread on the next camping trip - and yup the whistles are a must try too! And congratulations for not only being able to get up a tree - but for reminding us that the great H&S regulatory body is a pain in the butt - and that some things are natural and essential!! Boo x

  2. Yesterday! And guess who decided to show her daughter how she used to hang upside down, slid half way and THEN remembered she no longer has functioning abdominal muscles and was incapable of getting back up or going further down? Ahem.

  3. oh.. I haven't climb one for ages.. I remember loving the climbing then panicking about how to get down! can remember my brother calmly talking me down on many occasions!


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