Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday lunch, Bradshaw style!

Woodlands and lanes are packed with carpets of wild garlic at the moment, so today we thought we would cook a seasonal Sunday lunch. 

We picked a few wild garlic leaves and bought some of the new seasons asparagus from the farmers market. 

We cooked a risotto loosely based on Riverford's wet and wild garlic risotto recipe, with some barbecued asparagus and sausages! 

The enamelware came out for the first time this year too. 

It was delicious, the wild garlic gave the risotto a really lovely delicate flavour. 

Food tastes so much better when eaten outside, doesn't it?

Oh dear, what do we look like? I didn't realise we were so coordinated in stripes! 


  1. How funny - we discovered lots of wild garlic today and were wondering what we could cook with it and then I get home and read your post! Looks like you had a lovely Sunday and it feels like summer reading it.

  2. Oh how wonderfully yum!!! All of it... the food, cooking in the woodlands, enamelware and stripey tops... all totally spring/summer 2011!! have a great week lovely! xx

  3. That looks fantastic!! My kind of lunch too! We're off in our Bell tent in two weeks, so I've taken note of your recipe. Thanks!

  4. mmm, wild garlic - one of my favourite smells! We were surrounded by it a few weekends ago and wanted to find some recipes with it - we haven't tried any yet.

  5. What lucky kids! They're going to have some amazing memories of all these adventures when they're older!

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  7. This really made me smile as I am rather partial to a breton stripe too and often both my sun and daughter, myself and I am even cringing to admit my husband are all dressed in a blue and white stripe. Purely by accident too! Hee!

  8. sun? I mean son! Ahhh! Cringe!

  9. Bec, I hadn't even noticed!
    Emma x

  10. Hi Emma, love that photo of you and the boys. I love stripes and you all look lovely! And, yes, food does taste much better outside - can't wait for some good weather!
    Enjoy your weekend, wet here in Warwickshire at the moment!


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