Saturday, 23 April 2011

spiderman and the rainbow birthday cake...

The little man wanted to dress as spiderman for his 5th birthday party and didn't take the outfit off all day. Although he did take off the mask when he needed to eat or drink! 

Of course when you're spiderman, there's only one cake that'll do! Oh yes, it was the return of the rainbow cake! Having tried making it for my birthday last year, it was a lot easier the second time. The boys absolutely love mixing the colours, and I remembered to turn out the cakes upside down, so that they cooled flat, making it easier to stack and icing it was a little less like grouting! 

It really gets gasps as you cut and serve it, although one little boy did ask if it was poisonous! I guess the amount of food colouring inside is quite worrying, but it is just one day of the year after all.

I first found the cake over on the lovely Hula Seventy's blog and that girl does colour like no-one else I know! 

We went to town decorating the village hall with bunting and balloons and handed out the sunflower seedlings instead of party bags. 


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a special day he has had! Well done mum! loux

  2. Looks like a great party!! Hope it was a happy day. :)

  3. I love the idea of seedlings instead of party bags! How lovely. Happy Birthday Spiderman.

  4. so awesome! can you 'emmafy' my 40th? ;)


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