Wednesday, 13 April 2011

my seven year old self...

Last night I unleashed my seven year old self and went on an ice cream making course at Winstones Ice Cream Factory in the Cotswolds. Anyone who has lived or visited the Stroud Valleys, will have sampled this iconic ice cream from the shop perched at the top of the Cotswold scarp. On a summer's day thousands of ice creams are sold, as Cotswold folk, make their pilgrimage to buy a cone of their favourite flavour, from the vanilla recipe, unchanged for years to something a little more seasonal such as the delicious rhubarb crumble!

The course was two hours in duration and split into two parts, a practical ice cream making session, with Ben Vear, the great grandson of founder, Albert Winstone. Followed by a history and tour of the factory with his dad Colin. Ben, showed us how to make vanilla, chocolate and then an amazing spiced plum flavoured ice cream, using an ice cream maker. 

I am completely inspired to make more ice cream at home and now know that I don't stir mine enough as I make it by hand, which is why it's not always successful! I am not sure I will ever eat or make enough to justify buying an ice cream maker, and if I did, it might mean I never get to drive to Winstones and enjoy an ice cream on a summers eve! 

I would completely recommend this course, great for people who have never made ice cream before or like me asked 'Jim'll Fix It' if they could visit an ice cream factory! The only downside is that they didn't let me drive an ice cream van!

Ice cream making courses are £35 per person and can be booked online
See photo's of the evening, taken by Tammy Lynn photography here


  1. what a wonderful treat!! Every Summer I promise myself an ice cream maker - and every Summer I let other priorities get in the way!! Your boys are going to adore you now!!

  2. Oh how totally wonderful!!! Ice cream in the Cotswold would certainly suit me right now... coffee and cream, chunky chocolate, mint chocolate chip... how do you stand it!!! We have an ice-cream maker, it was a wedding gift, we hardly ever use it because it cries out for buckets of cream and millions of eggs... but the few times a year that I crank it out it is so worth the effort... just wouldn't part with it!!!

  3. i think you might be my twin sister - we love so many of the same things!

    i'm making green tea ice-cream tonight (just picked up the green tea leaves today).

    i'll let you know how it turns out if you like?


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