Sunday, 24 April 2011

the Easter egg tree...

A new family tradition that has grown over the years is our annual Easter egg tree. It's just a few branches from a contorted hazel tree in the garden, in a jar of water, from which we hang naturally dyed eggs! In 2009 our tree looked like this and last year, we tried to imprint leaves on the eggs. This years branches are very leafy as Easter is so much later!

This year we were able to use eggs from our very own chickens. Beautifully timed as we used the blown eggs to make the rainbow cake

Last year we tried coffee, onion skins and red cabbage to dye the eggs, this year we opted just for red cabbage as we all love the gorgeous blue colour that results. We just wipe the egg shells with vinegar, then boil them up with some chopped red cabbage and leaving them overnight. 

Here's the result, red cabbage dyed eggs hung (using half a match stick with thread wound around) on contorted hazel, a slightly different centre piece for our Easter table. 


  1. In Germany, where I am from, the Easter tree is a well loved tradition. Ours includes eggs, cheesy chicks and bunnies and today some baked goods underneath, that you then break and eat for good luck, prosperity and the like. It always makes me laugh that considering I grew up in a hardcore Catholic family, we celebrated so many of those Pagan traditions to the "t". Nice tradition to have, Dharma certainly loves it.

  2. Thanks Mel, maybe I can introduce some baked goods next year!

  3. Fabulous! I was considering using natural dye to do our eggs this year, but never got organised. Defintely something to try next year though. x

  4. Love your pretty tree!!! We do an easter tree too, this year we used watercolor crayons... bright and funky!!!


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